AccuAero Aviation Document Company


Our Graphic Arts staff has created a large database of cards and graphics. These proprietary, ready-to-customize cards have the benefit of cost savings and rapid delivery. Your logos and pictures can be added in a snap, to allow you to create a truly custom briefing card for a very reasonable price.

Leave it to us to make sure all the elements the FAA deems necessary are also on the cards.

We produce our briefing cards out of the highest quality matte or glossy card stock, and can laminate them, if you prefer, to extend their service life.

Our card sizes vary with aircraft (the one on right is 13" x 5"), printed front and back. The front is usually normal procedures (as sampled on the graphic on the right) and the back usually contains emergency procedures. Colors and formats are also easily changeable, to suit your needs.

Small airlines, and large 135 operators have been our specialty.... catering to those who want personalized service, in unique formats or languages.

Set-up cost is a one-time fee, based on work requested. Per card cost, after set-up, generally runs between $5.00 to $8.50 per card, depending on size and quality of cardstock.

We are convinced the high quality and low cost will keep you choosing AccuAero when your next set of briefing cards become dog-eared, and yellow.

Our Art staff is also available for custom logo design. (See Graphic Services tab above).