AccuAero Aviation Document Company

MEL Price

Due to the constantly changing nature of many manufacturers MELs, along with revisions necessitated by a litany of Global Changes, and Policy Letters, we only publish our pricing for Reciprocating Aircraft, and Helicopters. We would ask that if you are inquiring about a jet aircraft, that you call our customer service for a quote. You can be assured that our pricing will match or beat our competitors.

All of our pricing includes up to 3 MEL binders, fully indexed and bookmarked PDF electronic copies, and one year of free revision service.  And where many producers of technical documentation may charge more for a Non-Essential Furnishings program, ours generic fleet NEF comes included with our MELs. 

For all other category of aircraft than those included on the right, please call us at 877-444-5166, or email us at for a quote.


After the first year of free revision service, you may purchase a yearly continuation at rates that meet or beat the competition. During the term of this coverage, we will alert you when there has been a change to your MEL or Policy Letters affecting it, and will also update your MEL anytime you have a need (i.e. equipment changes, N-Number or company name changes, and the like).

We closely monitor the FAA for changes, especially critical as the FAA notification system to operators is sometimes hit-and-miss. We will ensure you are always up-to-date and in full compliance.  You have more important things to worry about than whether your technical documentation is up to snuff...We'll make sure it's something you never have to worry about, again.