AccuAero Aviation Document Company

MEL Timelines

We are the most cost-effective, and worry-free solution to professional MEL production.

To this end, we have the capability of increasing staffing during particularly busy times, and still bringing you a great product, in record time.

We will usually have new MEL documents to you within 3 business days of our receiving your MEL worksheet, and will usually have a document to you in PDF format within one business day of your request, if it is a change to an existing document.

When mandatory MMEL revisions happen, and we all know they can happen with some frequency, we will have a worksheet to you within 14 days of the issue of the new MMEL. Once a revision worksheet is received by our staff, we will have a PDF document for you and/or the FSDO to review within 3 business days.

We give operators the option as to whether to participate in non-mandatory (lettered) revisions (such as Revision 8a, or 8b), and will have these revisions completed within 3 business days of our receiving the worksheet back from our client.

We have seen, first-hand, how slow response and tardy document production from our competitors has affected flight operations and capabilities. This was the primary reason for establishing this company, and timely response and delivery is the benchmark by which we measure success, everyday. Our company even has flexible business hours, that often allows our staff to be available after-hours and weekends to take your calls.

We generally ship USPS Priority, but can ship via FedEx, DHL or UPS upon your request.