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Safety Management System

As we've said on numerous occasions (hopefully we're not too redundant here!), standards simply define a well run aviation department.

In conjunction with ISBAO standards and numerous FAA Advisory Circulars, primary of which is AC 120-92, AccuAero has developed a Safety Management System which can be custom-tailored to any Flight Operation. This SMS module accompanies a comprehensive Safety Program Manual including many NBAA and OSHA standards, and includes a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) section, to address most if not all the issues your operation could foresee. We've literally spent hundreds of hours scouring all the appropriate documents, attending classes, and studying what makes a successful Safety Program work, so you can cut the learning curve down and begin adopting a safety culture at the quickest pace possible.

Our philosophy on an SMS system is distill it down to its' most critical and useful components, making the document terse and to-the-point. This makes using the document a much less daunting task, which is exactly the point: This document must be read, understood, and used at every level of your operation. A Safety Culture will only be achieved when the tools of the Safety System are involved in even the most mundane everyday tasks. Communication is key. Departments and personnel who rarely, if ever, see each other to discuss operational factors will now be able to quickly and efficiently relay information. Pertinent and timely information not only alerts your staff to potential risks, but starts a process by which the risk is eliminated or mitigated.

Just let us send you a worksheet, that will allow us to build your uniquely tailored document, specifically designed around your company structure and size. In just days, we will have a draft document to you. In just days, you will be ready to bring a Safety Culture in to your business, decreasing liability, while increasing productivity, communication and overall safety.