AccuAero Aviation Document Company

Safety Management System (SMS) Timelines

Once you contact AccuAero with interest in an SMS Document, we will email or fax you a copy of an SMS and SOP/FOM worksheet, asking detailed questions on your organization, and standards you have set, or must consider. Often, it is beneficial to have a department meeting to discuss the ramifications of SOP decisions made for this worksheet. If you desire, we can teleconference with you and/or your staff to make suggestions and discuss options with regard to setting standards.

Once the worksheet is completed and returned, we will have a PDF proof to you within 5 business days. Upon approval, we will send you a completed living document in the format of your choice, as well as bound copies, if you choose.

Following the consultation, generation and delivery of your document, your job has just begun (yes...we know that's not what you want to hear!....sorry!). It is crucial that you have a core Safety staff in charge of implementing your SMS in the 4 phases suggested. Having already conducted a gap analysis, and having custom-built your program to your specifications, we will turn your SMS over to your staff so they may introduce the system to your organization, adopting and adapting the system as the members of the system see fit, collecting data in a reactive environment, and ultimately producing pro-active policies guided by the SMS.